Each semester the Ladies Golf Club organise lessons taught by the PGA professionals based at the renowned Links Academy. All abilities are catered for whether you’ve played before or you’ve never picked up a club! The Links Academy based at the St Andrews Links Practice Centre has world class facilities and top quality equipment as well as expert tuition from the PGA professionals based there, the same professionals who will be teaching you!

Beginner lessons:

For those who have played little or no golf before. These lessons will give you a grounding in the fundamental and most important aspects of the game; teaching you all about the golf swing itself as well as introducing you to the basics of the game. Once your coach is confident that you have mastered these basics there may be an opportunity for you to move into the intermediate lessons for the second semester.

Intermediate lessons:

For those who may have had some instruction before and wish to improve their swing and specific elements of their game. In these lessons your coach will continue to improve your swing as well as introducing you to specific areas of the game such as; short game, bunker play, woods and long irons, and playing off the tee. These lessons will allow you to achieve a foundation in all areas of the game, ready for the next step of getting out on the course, and a possible move into advanced lessons if you wish!

On the Course lessons:

These lessons focus on getting you ready to achieve your first handicap. Previous golfing experience is a must. Lessons will focus on all areas of your game and aim to get you used to playing on the course. Once you have completed on the course lessons on the Balgove 9 hole course you can move onto advanced lessons on the Strathtyrum. Girls taking on the course lessons are encouraged to get out and play rounds with one another as often as possible in preparation for their handicap earning rounds.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions regarding lessons!


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